Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April Mid-Month Sponsor Love

I'm celebrating the middle of the month with a shout out to all of my lovely blog sponsors!
 Edi's wooden bicycle buttons are perfect for spring and summer DIY projects.

Angela of angleah
 Angela used such a neat button to make this anchor pin / tie tack.

Valerie of additionsstyle
 I love the mix of metals in Valerie's statement necklace. It's such a versatile piece.

Deb of storybeader
 Deb put together a fun umbrella post with a great mix of Etsy umbrella finds for a recent round of Alphabe Thursday.

 I know that I've featured some of Tiffany's chevron ribbons before, but with summer on the way, how can this bright rainbow set not tempt you? How are you supposed to pick just one color?
 Are you thinking about Mother's Day yet? It will be here before we know it. Stay ahead of the game yet and get a gift now. Paige has a fabulous round up of Etsy Mother's Day gift ideas.

I hope that you found some useful resources today!
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

in the works lately

Just a few things that I've been working on lately...

Remember how last month I mentioned that I was finally finishing this piece that I started months and months ago? It's done! I need to take more photos and get it listed, but I'm making progress. It also feels good to finally use some of my ceramic buttons.

I don't use a lot of beading patterns, but I bought Carol Dean Sharpe's bargello ribbon pattern years ago. I've never gotten sick of it. I pulled these colors out months ago without any specific plan for them and this pattern just seemed to be calling them. It has so much color that I decided to pair it with a neutral button. (Edi has these custom buttons in her shop now. Go check them out.)

I finished a red and white striped version recently, too. You can also see it over here. I'll have more pictures of it soon. The green one is a personal piece that I pulled out again to use as a reference for the pattern. I have a 2" version of the pattern that Carol Dean very kindly sent me for free for a custom order a couple years ago. Working on bargello lately is making me itch to try it again.

I've been playing around with some possible color combinations for said 2" cuff, one of which was an all purple cuff. I simply don't have anything in my current stash that works. After multiple false starts with varying colors, I finally settled on this color combination and then decided that it would work better for a skinny herringbone wrap piece.

Originally I was thinking about purple so that I could use another one of my ceramic buttons. I don't think that either of these buttons really works with this piece, though. We'll see if anything else in particular speaks to me as I keep working on it.

I've had an idea for a yellow cuff for several years now. I've picked out beads, not liked what I picked, used them for other projects, and forgotten about it. A couple times. It's way past time to make this happen. Also, this time of year makes me want to work with all of the green beads in my stash. I have beads pulled for a floral / leafy green piece. Getting all of these greens pulled makes me want to create something with yellow and lime, too.

 Finally, whenever Oriental Trading has a free shipping on any order coupon, I check out their current bulk button offerings. This month they had a brand new black and white button stash. Aren't they amazing? This set here is just a small sampling. I also picked up some more wooden buttons.

What have you been creating this month?

Monday, April 14, 2014

photo share: a hint of spring

After such a ridiculous winter, it's hard to imagine that it will ever be warm again. It's great to start seeing some early signs of nicer weather ahead. Nature is amazing.

What does early spring look like in your area?

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday is Caturday

Are you ready to start your weekend with an amazing round up of kitty pictures?

Best brother buddies.

Seriously, I've never met kitties who are as close as these two boys.

Just a day in my life. I try very hard not to compare being a pet owner to being a parent. However, Ares needs to be picked up. A lot. Consequently I end up carrying him around while I open the mail, make dinner, etc., and it does make me feel like a mom.

Just when you think you've seen it all.

Sleepy boys.


The back yard birdie channel (from an open window!).

Laundry helper.

Another head on the floor while sleeping shot. Kills me every time.

Once upon a time, I "made" Angel a kitty bed out of an old box top and some folded fleece. For months and months, she slept in it pretty regularly. And then one day she didn't have any interest in it. You know how these things go with cats. When we first adopted the boys, I brought it up to our bedroom to see if they would sleep in it. Nope. Lately Angel has been hanging out in colder areas of the basement so I moved it back down to see if she would climb in and stay a little warmer. Almost.

Those tails. No words.

Just like a fort.

Hanging out on the back of my computer chair.

Early morning kitties on my pillow. Nothing unusual.

Last year one of our next door neighbors spent several months capturing a mama cat and one of her babies. (We only ever saw the one baby.) She got the mama adopted and kept the little guy. Sometime I'll have to get a better picture of him from outside (instead of through the window). He looks just like our orange guys. They like to watch each other.

Lounging on the back of my computer chair.

There is nothing quite like sleeping under a wet towel.

What have your cats been up to lately?